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Internet Retailers And Social Media

It’s taken a while, but it’s very clear that the top Internet retailers are now fully aware of the importance of Social Media to their businesses. The transition has been slow, but it’s eventually got there, and my suspicion is that there will be no stopping this train now that it’s moving at full speed.

The Amazing Behavior Of Online Users

This latest infographic from go-gulf.com shows some interesting new and updated statistics on how we spend our time online

How Many Facebook Friends Do You Really Have?

There’s a lot to be said about having lots and lots of new friends from all over the world. You can connect, chat, share stories and find out what’s hot the world over but fake Facebook friend requests can lead to a social network that you don’t really know any more

What a difference a holiday makes!

Things change in the social media world in just a few months, and you have to stay on top of it or things will not be the same when you return.

Are Your Friends Really Friends?

Are your friends really friends?

When is a friend really a friend? We are all different, and we all have different definitions of what makes a friend. This is true for both real life and also the virtual world that is now taking over our lives. So, do we apply our own same rules online as we do offline?

Annoying Facebook Habits

Everyone has annoying habits, and unfortunately, the internet means that people’s online habits are there for all to see. Here are 5 personal Facebook habits which I consider to be very annoying and have to get off my chest

Are you worried by your online privacy?

Simply being careful online is not enough any more. We need to understand where technology is moving, and how it affects our personal information online. Social Media is here to stay and we should fully understand what this means for us all

Have you protected yourself from recent Facebook scams?

This week has seen a variety of Facebook scams hit our web browsers, and hackers are now using current affairs to exploit your computers and personal details Firstly, there was the obvious Osama Bin Laden exploitations. The web was inundated with malware scams and they were appearing quicker than they were being taken down. The […]

Facebook Suspend Famous Named Accounts

As the royal wedding rapidly approaches a TV screen near you over the next few days, spare a thought to all those individuals that share a name with those much more famous than themselves. Our social media friends at Facebook have this week continued to hit the headlines with their treatment of their users that […]

How To Build A Social Empire (Part 1)

As each day passes, I get drawn into Social Networking more and more. I start to recognise the power of ┬áhaving a large network of people to communicate with, and how business minded people can turn this network into revenue generation. I start to understand how some of the tools that are available to us […]

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