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Building A Network Is Like Watching Paint Dry

Growing A Social Network Is Like Watching Paint Dry

When it comes to growing a social network, I always knew I was bad, but I’ve just realized how bad I actually am. Growing a social network is like watching paint dry, and requires a lot of time and patience

Beware Of Smart Fortress

Smart Fortress is scareware. It’s supposed to scare us that our PC is infected, and to make us buy the software to remove the fake infection. It cons people by exploiting their fear of viruses and computer infections.

Password Sticky Pad

5 Tips To Keep Your Passwords Safe

So, Twitter couldn’t protect all their passwords, and a bunch of them were published for all to see. Many of us do not look after our passwords or keep them safe, but here are 5 great tips to make sure that your personal data is protected

Annoying Facebook Habits

Everyone has annoying habits, and unfortunately, the internet means that people’s online habits are there for all to see. Here are 5 personal Facebook habits which I consider to be very annoying and have to get off my chest

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