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Boy Dragged From Computer

Social Media Insomnia

Social Media has taken over my life recently. It’s not what I call an addiction, but it’s starting to be a real problem. The last few weeks has seen me taken over by a world of connecting, tweeting, sharing, pinning, and just about anything else that’s social online.

Are you worried by your online privacy?

Simply being careful online is not enough any more. We need to understand where technology is moving, and how it affects our personal information online. Social Media is here to stay and we should fully understand what this means for us all

5 Tips Why Web Designers Should Be SEO Savvy

Many web designers do not consider the impact of SEO and this can have significant impact on your site’s ability to be searched and to rank highly. Here’s 5 great tips for making sure that your designer includes those all-important SEO factors in your new site design

SEO your business now

Do Your SEO Early And Save In The Long Run

Getting your business to invest a small amount in SEO now can make a significant improvement in the longer term

Your own search results go through personal filters

Very few of us are truly aware that search engines are filtering our search results to make them more personal to us? If they did, how many would have a strong opinion on what signals are being used to manipulate our results?

Is social search a useful tool, or an invasion of privacy?

Using Social data for search is a smart way to get personalised search results, and it’s no secret that the main search engines are all using social search in one way or another. The big question on everybody’s lips is “do we think it’s better, or a more accurate way to search”?

Why SEO Is A Never Ending Story

Staying in touch with all the latest developments in SEO is time consuming, and not an easy task, however very essential for businesses to maintain their position in the search engine results pages.

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