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Is Social Influence The Truth Or A Myth?

Social influence surrounds us every day, but is it really valuable, or just a load of rubbish? The theory adds up, but is it truth or myth?

Boy Dragged From Computer

Social Media Insomnia

Social Media has taken over my life recently. It’s not what I call an addiction, but it’s starting to be a real problem. The last few weeks has seen me taken over by a world of connecting, tweeting, sharing, pinning, and just about anything else that’s social online.

How Big Is Pinterest Getting?

Pinterest is, without doubt, the hottest social product around at the moment. Although it launched some time ago, in March 2010, it’s taking the world by storm in 2012. According to recent research firm ComScore, Pinterest is ranked number 3 in the social networking world behind only Facebook and Twitter

Beware Of Smart Fortress

Smart Fortress is scareware. It’s supposed to scare us that our PC is infected, and to make us buy the software to remove the fake infection. It cons people by exploiting their fear of viruses and computer infections.

Password Sticky Pad

5 Tips To Keep Your Passwords Safe

So, Twitter couldn’t protect all their passwords, and a bunch of them were published for all to see. Many of us do not look after our passwords or keep them safe, but here are 5 great tips to make sure that your personal data is protected

The Amazing Behavior Of Online Users

This latest infographic from go-gulf.com shows some interesting new and updated statistics on how we spend our time online

The Internet Gremlin

Streaming your favourite movie or sporting event is awesome, but watch out for the evil Internet Gremlin who’s watching in the dark virtual world, ready to attack when you least expect it.

5 Tips Why Web Designers Should Be SEO Savvy

Many web designers do not consider the impact of SEO and this can have significant impact on your site’s ability to be searched and to rank highly. Here’s 5 great tips for making sure that your designer includes those all-important SEO factors in your new site design

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