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Is Social Influence The Truth Or A Myth?

Social influence surrounds us every day, but is it really valuable, or just a load of rubbish? The theory adds up, but is it truth or myth?

Huge Brands Run Pinterest Competitions

As Social Media marketeers scratch their heads on how best to market themselves and their clients on Pinterest, one thing is for sure. There is definitely an increase in the number of competitions, prize giveaways, and bargain deals on the site

Internet Retailers And Social Media

It’s taken a while, but it’s very clear that the top Internet retailers are now fully aware of the importance of Social Media to their businesses. The transition has been slow, but it’s eventually got there, and my suspicion is that there will be no stopping this train now that it’s moving at full speed.

Password Sticky Pad

5 Tips To Keep Your Passwords Safe

So, Twitter couldn’t protect all their passwords, and a bunch of them were published for all to see. Many of us do not look after our passwords or keep them safe, but here are 5 great tips to make sure that your personal data is protected

Linked Icon

5 Reasons To Be Careful On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great idea in theory. A virtual place to connect to other professionals. A recent study actually goes as far to suggest that if you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile, then you’re facing the wrath of recruitment agencies and jeopardizing your chances of landing that all important job

SEO your business now

Do Your SEO Early And Save In The Long Run

Getting your business to invest a small amount in SEO now can make a significant improvement in the longer term

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