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How Big Is Pinterest Getting?

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Pinterest is, without doubt, the hottest social product around at the moment. Although it launched some time ago, in March 2010, it’s taking the world by storm in 2012. According to recent research firm ComScore, Pinterest is ranked number 3 in the social networking world behind only Facebook and Twitter. “Users spend about 1 1/2 hours a month on the site, compared with 21 minutes on Twitter and 17 minutes on LinkedIn”.

Just How Big Is Pinterest Then?

Start To Pin With PinterestIgnoring a temporary lull in April, the site peaked at over 2 million daily users on the 3rd May, a rise of over 145% since the start of 2012, and continues to grow steadily. It is the fastest growing independent website in history to reach 10 million users, and it currently averaging 12 million unique visitors monthly. It currently sends more traffic to other websites than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined!!

As the web becomes more and more visual, people want to quickly see images, and then share with others in a simple and seamless way. Because of the ease in which it posts media, Pinterest is rapidly competing with the likes of Tumblr in the social market, and doing a very good job of it.

What’s It All About Then?

Users create pin boards, made up of specific, configured, categories, where they “pin” pictures and links from all over the web. The site gives us the chance to look at anything in a category, or look at all the categories, or boards of other users.

As with other social networks, users grow lists of friends, and then allow you to follow a category or a board. Unsurprisingly, it has close integration with Facebook and Twitter and there is a vast amount of places to like, share, tweet and email content.

It’s currently dominated by a female user base, but reports suggest that the guys are starting to adopt the platform too. Obvious candidates for sharing content include fashion, cooking, animals and just about anything you care dream up.

My Pinterest Timeline

What’s Next For Pinterest

The team behind Pinterest are slowly rolling out the platform by controlling invitations. It’s not exactly a beta product, but it’s certainly not open to everyone just yet. In fact, whilst using the interface in the early hours of the morning today (a Saturday night in the busier United States), the performance of the site ground to a halt and I ended up pinning the same picture 4 times!.

Marketeers and SEO experts are scrambling to work out ways to use the platform for revenue generation and I would lay my mortgage (if I had one) on our good friends at Klout integrating the site very soon. There’s currently a high amount of re-pinning, but if images are sourced from your own blogs and websites, there’s a world of opportunity for businesses.

It’s great for product pictures, shopping lists, gift ideas, and if managed correctly, it could shoot straight through the stratosphere without the blink of an eye. Get yourself an account and start pinning before all your friends do it first, and you look the odd one out at your next social gathering.

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