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Internet Retailers And Social Media

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Increased business profitsIt’s taken a while, but it’s very clear that the top Internet retailers are now fully aware of the importance of Social Media to their businesses. I think the transition has been slow, but it’s eventually got there, and my suspicion is that there will be no stopping this train now that it’s moving at full speed.

A recent report from Campalyst released some very interesting statistics about this subject and this was reflected in this great infographic. It uses data for the top 250 e-tailers from Internet Retailer’s top 500 from 2011.

Of course, there’s a huge difference between having a large following, and using that following to your advantage and delivering a strong social media campaign and financial results as a result. This is why some of the top corporate companies are hiring strong social media managers to utilize this large following. One of the world’s largest banks, Goldman Sachs, recently put out an ad looking for a Social Media manager, with their CEO stating “obviously it’s occurred to us that we haven’t gotten anything, er, everything right with respect to how we, how we’ve dealt with the public”.

Some Key Findings

  • 97% of the top 250 online retailers have at least one branded page on Facebook (compared with 96% on Twitter, 90% on YouTube, 67% on Google+ and 61% on the up and coming Pinterest)
  • 43 of the top 250 have over 1,000,000 Facebook followers but only 1 has the same number on Twitter
  • Facebook is the only network listed that has more pages over 100,000 fans than it does pages with less than 100,000
  • The most followed industries for each of the networks are similar, but vary in terms of their order
  • The number of subscribers on YouTube is low, but achieves a high number of views for the top channels
  • Google+ is over the initial launch and presenting reasonable numbers for it’s age, however, Pinterest is still in it’s infancy and may be more suitable for user based content

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