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Beware Of Smart Fortress

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Smart Fortress Is A VirusI’m pissed off. I need to tell everybody to try and stop others from falling into this trap. I got a virus called Smart Fortress on my computer today, and I’m really annoyed.

This blog post is an attempt to get on the search results and tell everybody what may have happened to them. It’s also a bit of a moan about security holes in browsers, but most of all, it’s me venting my anger on the keyboard before I punch an innocent bystander.

I consider myself pretty tech savvy, and I know most of the tell tale signs of someone trying to do something bad to your computer, but I was beaten by the bastards at Smart Fortress.

Smart Fortress Is A Virus

So what happened? I’m reading the web. I’m looking at some sites that talk about the best ways to gain Twitter followers – you know, the kind of Blog type articles that give you the “top 10 ways to….” etc. etc. I’m running Chrome for my blog, Firefox for some other stuff I can’t remember, and I’m using IE for the reading.

Browser Weakness

NOW, the newer versions of IE are actually pretty good. They’re a million times better than the last 5 years worth of iterations, and I’ve just started to use it again. Those money grabbing shites at Microsoft have copied some of the best bits from Chrome and Firefox, and done a reasonable job at it. Still, IE is still a target for hackers, and that is what I blame this virus on.

Anyway, I bounce onto a new tab that discusses the pitfalls of buying your Twitter followers and BAM!!,  I get a pop up from what appears to be Adobe, trying to install an update. I look at the certificate, and I have to say, it looks fairly genuine, so I click OK. Anyway, you know the rest, and the next thing I know I get this “software” called Smart Fortress telling me my PC is infected with a huge number load of fake viruses. The irony is not lost on me given that the “software” telling me that I have a virus, is actually malware, so a virus telling me that I have a virus is taking the piss somewhat.

So, What Is Smart Fortress

For those of you that don’t know, Smart Fortress is scareware. It’s supposed to scare us that our PC is infected and to make us buy the software to remove the fake infections. Scareware is actually quite a clever idea in theory, but it pisses me off more than most tricks, because it cons people massively by exploiting their fear of other infections.

Anyway, I update my virus/spyware checker, remove the Smart Fortress infection and I’m back on my way doing what I had been doing an hour earlier. Thanks Smart Fortress, that’s an hour of my life I shall not be getting back.

Say No To Internet ExplorerSay No To Internet Explorer

What’s the point of the blog, I hear you say. Well, firstly, my advice is not to use IE. It’s my opinion of course, but one that I shall certainly be sticking with for a while. The second reason for this rant is to tell others and, perhaps, for others to feel slightly better knowing that they are not the only ones that have experienced the dirty trick of Smart Fortress and to also understand my anger.

Just make sure that you have your computer protected at all times.

<I apologise for the repeated use of the the words Smart Fortress, but this is an obvious attempt of increasing my keyword density in order to appear on the search results – sorry>

About Adrian Britton

Sometimes I will talk about things that are interesting, and sometimes I won’t. Sometimes it will be a bit of a laugh, and sometimes it will just be a downright rant about something going on in the world – I’m often accused at moaning a lot, and I consider myself quite good at it !!



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