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The Amazing Behavior Of Online Users

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This latest infographic from go-gulf.com shows some interesting new and updated statistics on how we spend our time online.

Dissecting through some of the information, it appears that 30% of the worlds online population are now online, representing over 2 billion users – a truly staggering statistic. The United Kingdom leads the way with what is believed to be an unbelievable 85% of people now online. Now, I appreciate that there are lots of developing countries that average this out (for example, India with only 7.5%) but these numbers really are remarkable. Just think where we were 15 years ago.

The Top Ten in 2012

Google is king

92% of us regularly use search engines and check our email, and unsurprisingly (well, for most of us), Google is the King of websites with over 150 million unique visitors per month. Other household brands that also come into the top ten include Yahoo (3rd), Bing (4th), Microsoft (6th) and Apple (9th).

Social media plays a significant part in this list with YouTube coming in at 5th but much more importantly, our trusty friends at Facebook (get it, trusty “friends”), come in at number 2, with over 137 million unique visitors per month.

For me, the killer number here is a mouth watering average of 7 hours and 45 minutes per person – yes, nearly 8 hours – is spent on the No 1 social networking site (compared with a tiny 1.47hrs for Google)

Social Media Numbers To Blow Your Socks Off

Social Media Numbers That Blow Your Socks OffThere is so much interesting information in this infographic that it’s unreal. Here’s a few highlights that I saw which I really think will blow your socks off.

  • 22% of our time is spent on Social Networking activities
  • There are more than 250 million tweets per day and 800 million updates on Facebook
  • 56% of social networking users have used the platform to spy on their partners
  • 60 hours of video gets uploaded to YouTube every hour

and lastly, it appears that the Brazilians have the most social of networks where users have an average 481 friends. The most unsocial of us, and I am sure that there are a few funny jokes here, are the Japanese, where people have an average of 29 friends!!

The Future Of Online?

It appears that the influence of mobile technology is having a large say in what will be happening in the future. The survey suggests that the highest growing trend online is the use of location based services, where currently there is currently 27% use. I would think that once businesses (and technology) have found a way to tap into this lucrative market, Billions of dollars will be made from location based marketing. Perhaps we should all rush out and invest in Foursquare when we can!!

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