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What a difference a holiday makes!

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Ok, so I’m back.

I’ve had six months off travelling around Latin America, reinventing myself and meeting people from all walks of life – and this includes people who seem to do this blogging stuff for a living whilst seeing the world at the same time.

Wow. Things change in six months!!

You try to stay on top of things. You try to read up on all the latest trends from internet cafe’s on the beach, or in hotels and hostels the world over but things change.

On the positive side, I have almost a thousand more twitter followers without lifting a finger (which makes a mockery of the whole system tbh), Facebook seems to keep improving it’s features to rival G+ and others, and at first glance, G+ seems to keep getting better and better.

That said, my Klout score has gone from 60 to 25, the search space seems almost unrecognizable from the one I left behind and there’s just too much information to catch up on everything. It’s taking time to get up to speed and we’ll see if I still genuinely have a following or if I was pissing in the royal wind before.

Some of the old tools still work…and some of them don’t. There’s more spam than ever before, and lot’s of new tricks of the trade being adopted all over the place. It all feels quite overwhelming to be honest.

I also feel a large sense of wanting to talk to people online. I’m not going to talk for the sake of it, but I do want to talk.

Let’s see where that gets me……..

About Adrian Britton

Sometimes I will talk about things that are interesting, and sometimes I won’t. Sometimes it will be a bit of a laugh, and sometimes it will just be a downright rant about something going on in the world – I’m often accused at moaning a lot, and I consider myself quite good at it !!



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