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Pablo Escobar

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Some say that there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and Pablo Escobar walked that line with some grace. I went on the Pablo Escobar tour in Medellin and saw, first hand, some of the empire that he built, and places that were destroyed as a result of the drug cartels in the 80’s and 90’s.

Escobar started business by selling weed on the streets, and soon bought his first motorbike. He then went on to sell alcohol and cigarettes before buying a series of cars, long before the cocaine empire begun. He was thrown out of school for stealing the answers to his exams and selling them to other students. As a child, he told everybody that he was going to be a successful millionaire.

Pablo Escobar's Plane Outside His HouseThis guy was extremely intelligent and knew what he wanted.

His first cocaine shipments came from Peru and Bolivia, and after buying his first plane, Escobar would himslef fly to Panama before shipping his new product north to the US. As a sign of his outrageousness, he later put this first plane above the gate to his own personal ranch.

He loved animals, and even built his own zoo. After finding out that his two zebras were stolen and put into Medellin zoo, he ordered his cartel to take back his zebras and replace them with all the cities chickens and two donkeys, painted with black and white stripes. Brilliant!

The tour guide was beautiful, and extremely engaging in her story telling. Whilst I couldn’t stop staring at her, she told the stories in such a way, you couldn’t help but be intrigued. She showed us a great photograph of him and his son standing outside the Whitehouse with eyes suggesting a big “up yours” to the US government.

He liked to dress up, and have fancy dress photographs taken of him in outlandish outfits such as mafia or Mexican criminals.

Pablo Escobar Dressing UpHe used to bed many colombian women and would often give them a gift of a new motorbike as a reward for their “services”. In an attempt at showing them who was boss, and so to demonstrate his importance, his gangs would then steal the bike back to pass onto the next woman.

There were many rewards out for information leading to his whereabouts, and he would often mock them with offering even larger incientives for those that knew information and would keep quiet. Money bought him everything and everyone.

His downfall came after a long conversation on the phone to his son that lead to his whereabouts in central Medellin. Many different groups claim to have taken his life, in addition to other rumours that he shot himself, but one thing is for sure – he was a very clever man that was rich beyond his wilest dreams. He appeared to crave power and this ultimately lead to his death, one day after his 44th birthday.

What I find most ironic about Escobar was that he never took cocaine. He smoked weed, but was not interested in using the product that made him billions.

About Adrian Britton

Sometimes I will talk about things that are interesting, and sometimes I won’t. Sometimes it will be a bit of a laugh, and sometimes it will just be a downright rant about something going on in the world – I’m often accused at moaning a lot, and I consider myself quite good at it !!



2 Responses to “Pablo Escobar”

  1. Pretty solid article. I see that I am about 4 years from it’s publishing, but I don’t think it’ll change any of my questions. Pablo has long been someone I have admired and despised. His love for animals and his family and the good that he did bring I feel kept him from being a complete monster. So my questions..what do you think now that you’ve made that visit. I presume you’ve had some education of the man before this adventure. I would love to make the same and wanted to ask if it’s worth the expense? Lastly…is there any dispute of his genius? I believe he truly was. People may not like him and or what he’s done, but the same can be said for people such as Hitler to far less evil humans such as Eminem and Tupac. All geniuses in their own ways, no? Thanks!

    Posted by Tyler | 03/01/2016, 12:56 am
    • Some great questions Tyler, and some perfectly sensible comments for my day. What do I think now that I made the visit? Well, was it worth the expense of the tour – 100% without question, yes. It was fairly cheap anyway, and it was a good half day with a stop for food, so it was good value for money given the tour guides expertise and the places you get to visit. I honestly couldn’t say whether it’s worth the expense to go to Medellin without knowing where you are – but I loved the place, and will return one day.

      Was he a genius – it’s hard to doubt that, but he was certainly a very, very smart man, and his businesses, finances, and duration of his exile suggests he was not far off being a genius. With all of the positive things said and done, Medellin was the most dangerous place on earth 30 years ago, and you can still see the aftermath and poverty that still lines the streets. It kind of messes with your head that a man can be so clever, but so brutal at the same time.

      If you do ever go, I might have the name of the tour company somewhere (and can certainly find out), so drop me a PM.

      Thanks for the post.

      Posted by Adrian Britton | 07/04/2016, 6:08 am

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