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5 Tips Why Web Designers Should Be SEO Savvy

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Web site design is often separated from web development and some web designers have carte blanche to build amazing looking sites with freedom to use as much creativity as they like.

Unfortunately, some designers do not always consider the impact of SEO and this can have significant impact on your site’s ability to be searched and to rank highly. Working alongside an experienced SEO consultant can save you time and money in the long term and make sure that your new site design is optimised fully for search engines.

Here are 5 great tips for making sure that your designer includes those all-important SEO factors in your new site design:-

Content Location

You need to make sure that there is some real estate assigned to the display of content and that it is located towards the top of the page. This allows the inclusion of keywords for the search engines to successfully index your pages. Some designs also include content “below the fold” to add to the density and text to HTML ratio.

Image Optimization

Your sites images will need to be optimised for file size and not be too large. Loading times can affect the performance of your site and should be factored into the design. Image sprites should be used to reduce the number of requests from your site’s server, also improving performance.

Web Friendly Fonts

Using web friendly fonts in titles and headings removes the need for unnecessary images on your site. This improves performance (in addition to the ability to update them over time). Alternatively, use web friendly fonts such as those hosted on Google web fonts.

Social Integration

Make sure your design includes sufficient integration with all of the main social networks. Make sure that it’s easy to “like”, “share” and “+1” the content on your site and that users can easily find out how to “follow” or “link” with you on sites such as Facebook, linkedIn and Twitter.

Avoid Flash

Your site should try to avoid Adobe Flash where possible as this makes it extremely difficult for search engines to review and index your site. It is not recommended to build an entire site in flash and if flash is used, try to keep it to a minimum and make sure that the content and links are separated outside of the flash (such as placed in an XML file)

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