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Do Your SEO Early And Save In The Long Run

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Most of us will be aware that SEO projects contain many different facets, however, there is one thing that they all have in common and that is that they should have both on-site and off-site optimisation in order to maximize rankings with the major search engines. In rare circumstances, one can be in place without the other, but typically, they can both be improved on and should be considered.

Is on-page optimisation always possible?

Depending on the size and complexity of the customer and the project, it is not always possible to easily change the on-page optimisation. It might be that there are no available resources to make any technical changes to a site, or it’s possible that there is no access to a site’s code. As the size of the customer increases, there are many other complicated factors such as corporate policy, change management, BAU processes or even a protected environment/lockdown period.

The corporate challenge…

In a larger organisation, even the smallest of technical changes can result in weeks and weeks of lead time and potentially thousands of dollars of testing and regression testing of downstream systems. A more complicated on-page change can take months to implement and cost a significant amount of money to the customer. In this event, it is a challenge to the SEO consultant to “sell” the change and demonstrate a reasonable return on investment for the client.

Time Is Money

It can occasionally be efficient to merge your SEO updates into another project when making changes to a large scale customer, but it does highlight the need to get your on-page SEO right up-front and implement your changes as part of a new project. Some large corporates have been known to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars revisiting a project in order to retrospectively go back and implement SEO changes.

Spending a few thousand dollars (or less) at the start of a project can yield significant savings if the SEO is implemented correctly up front. It is important that the lifecycle of a corporate project incorporates SEO into its initiation phase. The business sponsors and marketing teams should be looking to hire SEO consultants as part of their requirements gathering phase and it should also be considered as part of build, test and implementation.

Small And Medium Businesses Should Think Smart…

Wasted Cash On SEO

The above challenge also applies to small and medium sized businesses. They often fall into the trap of spending a reasonable amount of investment on building a new website, only to realise that they then have to invest again to bring a qualified SEO consultant on board and optimise a site to convert traffic to sales and generate a reasonable return on investment. Small and medium businesses also face a challenge in the appointment of a web developer.

It is extremely important to make sure that your design and implementation on a new site incorporates critical SEO changes, and there are many agencies that either ignore this, or do not have sufficient understanding to implement it correctly.

There are many organisations that have amazing looking websites with great functionality, but if very few people are finding it and looking at it, then it’s not money well spent. Investing a small amount in SEO (relative to the overall project expenditure) can make significant improvements in the longer term.

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