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Facebook Suspend Famous Named Accounts

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As the royal wedding rapidly approaches a TV screen near you over the next few days, spare a thought to all those individuals that share a name with those much more famous than themselves.

Our social media friends at Facebook have this week continued to hit the headlines with their treatment of their users that also have the name Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton Facebook Account SuspendedUnsurprisingly, there is more than one individual that shares this name, and Facebook have taken it upon themselves to suspend the accounts of users whom they suspect on being fake (which is deemed a breach of the Facebook terms and conditions). Just to rub-it-in, Facebook have also decided to untag all the photographs of said individuals as if they didn’t exist.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened to someone with her name and it looks like Facebook will have their work cut out as there appears to be several bogus Kate Middleton accounts with suspicious looking photographs. Back in January, Kate Middleton from Northants, UK had her account suspended for the same reason and this time, it was Kate from Boston, Massachusetts that had her account removed.

A name search within Facebook reveals that there is a multitude of Kate Middleton’s on the popular social networking site and this includes genuine ladies from Australian cities Sydney and Melbourne amongst others.

Should You Be Worried?

Whilst all those guys out there named Prince William may be fearful for their privacy, Facebook will gladly reinstate those suspended accounts once proof of identification has been supplied (clearly, we all have plenty of time on our hands to prove who we are).

Boston Kate used Twitter to vent some of her frustrations and after establishing that she is genuine, is now using her famous name to raise money for charity. Well done Kate!

Those of you with the name Barack Obama beware….

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