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How To Build A Social Empire (Part 1)

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As each day passes, I get drawn into Social Networking more and more. I start to recognise the power of  having a large network of people to communicate with, and how business minded people can turn this network into revenue generation.

I start to understand how some of the tools that are available to us can significantly help in expanding this network, and that there are a whole bunch of tasks that we can do to push this along. It does, however, become clear that there is a difference between a high number of random people in your network vs a lower number that are interested in your niche.

I’m interested in Social Media. I always have been. Once I start to talk about all things social, my niche starts to find me.

Where Do You Start To Build A Social Empire?

Grow Your Social Network

I was an early adopter of Facebook. I’ve had an account since about 2005. I was late to the Twitter world and spent months understanding how it worked, and how you can harness the power of the network. Without doubt, the need to network professionally on LinkedIn has existed since the network was launched, and I have been no stranger to this.

Once Klout came along, I quickly realised that other networks such as Foursquare, Blogger, Tumblr etc. etc. are used to show that an individual can be considered an authoritative source online. The introduction of Google+ adds a new dimension, and becomes another network in which people have to connect. Is it ever going to end? Will one network put another out of business?

There is no book on how to grow your social empire. Granted, there are a million blogs on the subject, and an endless amount of information online on how others have tackled this problem. I’ve decided to address these one at a time, starting with Twitter, growing my following and connections and understanding how I can help them and they can help me.

It Takes Time To Build An Empire

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s going to take time and patience – I realise that – but you have to make a start somewhere. I’m going to log my journey: write some of the experiences down. I don’t expect others to follow them. It’s just one man’s journey.

About Adrian Britton

Sometimes I will talk about things that are interesting, and sometimes I won’t. Sometimes it will be a bit of a laugh, and sometimes it will just be a downright rant about something going on in the world – I’m often accused at moaning a lot, and I consider myself quite good at it !!



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