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Why SEO Is A Never Ending Story

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Search Engine Optimisation has evolved considerably over the last few years and it continues to evolve each and every day! Search engines are constantly looking for ways to improve their results and are frequently changing their algorithms accordingly. It is suggested that Google made several hundred changes to their search engine algorithm during the course of 2010 alone.

There are significant amounts of ranking factors that affect a search result and these are also under constant review. The introduction of social networking is a prime example on how search engines can make major changes to their algorithms and serves a reminder that the market is always changing.

SEO Is Never Ending

It’s not just the search engines that require us to constantly review our optimisation strategies. It is almost impossible for our competition to remain at a standstill. Their ranking can improve almost overnight and negatively affect a company’s position and return on investment. It may be that our competitors have launched a new website, or product. They may have been in the news for any number of reasons, or have employed an optimisation company to review and improve their ranking.

Current affairs, market trends and many other factors can mean that our websites drop down the search results and we must understand that our search engine strategy should therefore remain under constant review.

Certain keyword searches may no longer be relevant, or lead to solid conversions, but there are also many other things that we should actively be looking at when reviewing our optimisation strategy. Many of things can be achieved in-house, but it is almost essential in today’s market to have a professional SEO expert review your online presence.

What Can We Do?

It is essential to “boost” your website up the rankings by performing a number of key tasks such as increasing the number of backlinks to your site. At the very least, you should look to do this on an adhoc basis (such as every six months) but it would be much most effective to do this every day. Many SEO companies offer monthly services which are often the most cost effective way of ensuring that you remain at the top of the search results.

A monthly service will constantly change your page ranking by submitting articles and blog entries linking to your site. It allows opportunity to review and update of your content and to understand what the competition is doing in the marketplace. Using analytics, you can review the amount of traffic coming to your site and identify the most effective pages, driving even more traffic and improving conversations.

Staying in touch with all the latest developments in SEO is not an easy task and is also a time consuming and expensive strategy for a company to adopt.

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